Titustech and Lighting

Civilization keeps in step with lighting and house equipment improvement. Today, every one may notice the greatest tides after tides of technical revolution since the birth of the electrical light bulbs. We are so proud of being active and contributive in modern lighting and electrical industry over a decade.

In 2008, we developed model 7W120E26 light emitted diode bulbs and successfully introduced it. We are one of the first companies selling high power LED bulbs replacing incandescent 40w in Canada. At the same time, we have realized the perfect matching of smart control and LED lighting and then have more and more involvement in these areas. At the time of more and more industrial and technical changes, we support and choose wisely from massive possibilities. We won’t endorse any approaches which magnify any immature technology or products or mislead the customers. Our experience and integrity let us always build up long term business with our customers. Over a decade, we keep on working hard everyday to service our customers and maintain our respected position. We’re more and more aware than ever how our actions affect the market and communities in which we do business.

From 2013, our smart control design and LED factory and our North American business unit started to work seamlessly, which successfully expand our presence internationally.