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Get the world you’ve always wanted.

Titus tech is a private company. Starting from small business for local electrical distribution and technical service 12 years ago, now we are expanding our service from Canada to worldwide. Our experienced team of hydroponics and harvest equipment set the standard each and every day in through horticultural practice, maintenance and customer service. You can trust us with your green!

GreenhousePro Website

↑↑ Greenhouse & Commercial Horticulture

We offer the top commercial lines for horticulture and hydroponics. 

7 days customer service.

Fulfill considerable technical supports.

Mont Rouge Capsulation

↑↑ Soft Gel & Capsule Equipments

We are soft gel, capsule machinery, tooling & accessary provider.

We work with other soft gel, capsule also paint ball, developers for new tooling designs, maintain the highest level cooperation.

Take back your time. You can trust our team to do the job right.